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Comfy and fits true to size. I really like it!
I do wish it were a little paler pink...

Fits too small

I ordered a large but it’s a very small fit so I’m unable to wear it


I love it!

unlearn logo script - Weekender Tote Bag

Super soft and comfy

Washed well and accidentally went in the dryer - did NOT shrink!!! LOVE THE COMPANY’S MESSAGE!!!!!

Font colour

For the price of this sweater, you would think the quality would be checked can’t see the phone color

Comfy Conversation Piece

It’s soft, comfortable, and of course has a great message that makes for good conversation. Love it!

First idea bought online from Unlearn

Amazing. Still one of my favourite summer shirts since the population was actually 6.8 billion. Even comfortable hiking up some hills. Love it.

Enviromath - Women's Fitted T-Shirt
Cari Sisserson Sisserson
Awesome message, fit is very small

I love this shirt though the fit is really tight... I'd probably have to go up sizes from my regular M so will have to return it.

New Fish - Hoodie

Disappointed as hoodie material is very thin and red screen print is very dark on the black; thus hard to see.

Love it!

This hoodie is exactly what I was hoping for. I ordered size M and the fit was perfect; loose and comfortable. The good quality material has a soft, cozy fleece on the inside and the colour is rich and not too red. The message is of course, what attracted me to this hoodie.

Wish the hood did not block the message

Beautiful message.
Wonderful fit.

Great products

Love the quality of the shirt. Love the messages of the Unlearn products. Great company !

Love it!

Love the message!
Love the feel!
Love the fit!

Love It

I love the fit and the message.

Effective Diagnostic Tool

I enjoy using these Poster Packs as a minds-on activity for learning or professional development with educators. I feel like it also can give me a baseline of their knowledge and understanding of the learning we are engaging in. A great diagnostic tool when getting to know your staff.

I also enjoy using these with students. They always see things in a way that can teach us how to be better educators.

Wool Mittens
Shelley Stewart
Gift of wool mittens

They are a gift. I personally itch with wool products

Great Resource to Open the Conversation

I'm incredibly pleased with the poster pack I bought. The prints are top-notch, featuring vibrant colors and sharp images. They're also sturdy, versatile for various rooms, and very affordable. The wide selection of designs in the pack is a bonus, and they arrived promptly, well-packaged. If you want to spruce up your space with high-quality, budget-friendly art, these poster packs are a fantastic choice.

Amazing Poster Set


Sticker Pack 1 - 10 Die-cut Stickers

Somewhat disappointed

My stickers didn’t come with the ones pictured in the images. Very high quality and high impact stickers, for sure, just wish I got what I thought I was paying for.

They fit quite small. Had to give them to a friend and re dormer larger


The posters are stunning and provide opportunity for amazing conversations with students! Very impressed with them!

Love it !

Medium- a bit larger than expected for medium. Colour vibrant and wording is sharp.
Excellent quality.

Ice Cream, Love & Kindness - Gender Neutral Long Sleeve T-shirt
John O’Dwyer

Loved them all!