unlearn is a social enterprise with a passion for inspiring positive change for educators, students and communities. We help facilitate an equity lens to social justice and human rights issues using powerful designs as tools that challenge individuals to think about their unconscious biases.

Our Mission

At unlearn, our mission is to provoke thought to inspire positive change. We strive to encourage people to see the humanity in everyone, and we hope to help shape a world where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Note from our Founder

I envision a world where we see the humanity in everyone and treat people with dignity, kindness and respect. There is so much we need to learn and unlearn about ourselves and each other. Join us in our efforts to create a world where everyone can show up and be celebrated for being their authentic selves. - Abhi Ahluwalia

Critical Thinking by Design

We use designs that are open for interpretation to allow critical thinking and dialogue about important social topics. We believe that conversation and open mindedness are critical to understanding and supporting the lived experiences of others.

Topics of Conversation

We have designs that cover a variety of topics including 2SLGBTQ+, anti-bullying, anti-racism, diversity & inclusion, equity, indigeneity, mental health and empowerment.

It Doesn't Stop at Apparel

More unlearn products and services to inspire positive change

Progressive Design

Design is at the heart of unlearn. We offer our designs as apparel & accessories, poster packs, and murals & floor graphics.


unlearn Sessions

Educational and corporate workshops explore the concept of “unlearning” unconscious biases, beliefs, and conditioning.


Digital Platform

We provide a rich learning experience to learners of all ages with our e-courses, resources, and online community.