Our Team

Abhi Ahluwalia | Founder & Facilitator 

With Sikh roots in Punjab, India, Abhi was born in Leicester, United Kingdom to parents born and raised in East Africa Uganda.  In 1974, Abhi’s family emigrated to Canada and settled in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Abhi Ahluwalia is the founder of unlearn. unlearn is a social enterprise whose mission is to provoke thought to inspire positive change. Abhi is also the co-founder and past president of YOUCAN, Youth Canada Association. YOUCAN is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to building a culture of peace among youth.  Abhi is the recipient of the Lincoln M. Alexander Award and the Anne and Ed Mirvish Achievement Award which recognizes individuals that have made a significant and innovative contribution towards eliminating racial prejudice and discrimination in our society.

Lakhdeep Singh Dhaliwal | VP of Equity Education

Upon completion of a Master’s Degree in Education, Lakhdeep went on to become certified as an International Language Instructor and has held various positions in academia such as Language Assessment Officer, College Instructor, and IELTS Examiner.

Lakhdeep also has a passion for front line leadership in the field of Human Rights, Equity & Diversity. He has worked with YMCA Canada, Halton Multicultural Council, Citizenship and Immigration Canada. More recently, Lakhdeep has fully transitioned from instructor at Conestoga College School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services to Vice President of Equity Education with unlearn. His servant leadership approach is inclusive and culturally aware; Lakhdeep is the recipient of a number of awards in the classroom and community arenas. He is a soccer fan, player and coach that is dedicated to the game and is known to break barriers using his head and his feet!

Carine Clemente | VP of Operations

Equity and inclusion are central themes in Carine's life. During her career as an Environmental Engineer in companies such as Bosch, Unilever and Siemens, Carine was responsible for the implementation of management systems, stakeholder relations and team management. She had the opportunity to work with a number of different cultures while leading inclusive practice and policy. Aligning her professional and personal background; Carine currently works to support operations with unlearn. Her style is open and engaging. Carine is focused on breaking down barriers and encouraging critical thinking to inspire positive change.


Mariya Djangozova | Social Media Specialist 

Mariya is a third year University of Waterloo student, enrolled in the Honours Arts & Business program. She’s majoring in Visual Arts and Digital Art Communications. She has a passion for spreading positive and thought-provoking messages using design and social media. In her free time, she is a proud plant mom and loves watching her flowers and vegetables grow.