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Ontario’s Education Equity Action Plan

Ontario's Education Equity Action Plan is the province's roadmap to identifying and eliminating discriminatory practices, systemic barriers and bias from schools and classrooms to support the potential for all students to succeed

unlearn supports Ontario’s Education Equity Action Plan; to help educators create a path to identify and eliminate discriminatory practices and ensure that students are given an opportunity to see themselves and their classmates reflected in their learning.

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Towards Defining 21st Century Competencies for OntarioJurisdictions around the world are exploring how to prepare their students to lead fulfilling lives, be productive contributors in a knowledge economy, and thrive in an information and technology-intensive globalized world. 

Increasingly, global competencies (e.g. transferrable skills), are being recognized by researchers and employers as essential for student success in an interconnected world. The term “global competencies” encompasses knowledge, skills and attitudes/values. The need to develop global competencies has always been at the core of learning and innovation. What’s new in the 21st century is the call for education systems to explicitly emphasize and integrate competencies in teaching and assessment practices.

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