Critical Literacy and Social Justice Learning Series

This three part learning series seeks to add to the collective knowledge and understanding, and the growing bank of resources, by providing schools with a new resource to support equity, social justice, media, and critical literacy. The resource, a pack of posters created by unlearn include various equity-related images that are open to interpretation and that provoke thinking and discussions.

The purpose of this professional learning and leadership opportunity is to:

  • deepen understandings around the importance of embedding equity-related discussions and social justice in their classrooms and schools; awareness of the importance of student voice in school; foster and build teacher and student leadership capacity;
  • integrate equity, inclusion and diversity across the curriculum using critical thinking strategies; and
  • develop strategies and skills for collaborative leadership


Teachers participating in the learning series will experience a half day workshop with unlearn. Following this session, the teachers will select two students from their class who will collaborate in a full day session to explore equity through an integrated curriculum model, using unlearn’s equity-focused poster pack. The expectation is for school teams to engage their peers in an unlearn experience that they create. The final half-day session will bring teachers and students back together to share about their experience.

Target demographic

Grade 4-12