Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Webinars

An organization is only as good as its culture – and building that culture is not only for HR, it’s every manager’s and employees responsibility.

At unlearn. our webinars provoke critical thinking to inspire positive change within the workplace.

We have successfully helped navigate organizations, small businesses and large corporations create the optimal workplace environment, centered around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Captivating Culture

  • Our Workplace Equity Programs support organizations which are focused on cultivating cultures that embrace equity, inclusion and diversity.

  • Ensuring equity in the workplace is essential for improving morale, mental health & well-being, and creates an environment of opportunity and creativity.

Learn and unlearn

  • Our interactive diversity & inclusion programs and consulting services use design to create a dialogue around discrimination, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and many other critical social issues.

  • unlearn. educates and encourages the development of an equity lens by examining stereotypes and challenging societal norms that marginalize others.

Adaptive Approach

  • unlearn. curates each session based on your company’s needs and requirements.

  • We provide the optimal experience where we adapt our lens and approach to each diverse company so that they can achieve their goals.


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