An organization is only as good as its culture.







An organization is only as good as its culture—and building that culture is not only a role for HR, it’s every manager's and employee’s responsibility. Ensuring equity is essential for improving staff mental health and well-being, unlearn.’s Workplace Equity Programs support organizations which are focused on cultivating cultures that embrace equity, inclusion and diversity. Our interactive education programs and consulting services are designed to create a dialogue around discrimination, stereotypes and other important social issues. unlearn. workshops help participants explore their unconscious biases and examine how they can be reinforced by the media, their experiences and their relationships. Our aim is to educate participants and encourage them to develop an equity lens by examining stereotypes and challenging societal norms that marginalize others.






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Patricia Stride
Executive Director, BNI Alberta North 

"Leadership is about authenticity – being vulnerable is a great strength. Thank you to you both for the kind and calm way these topics were presented. Thank you for creating a quiet space for us to reconnect – and challenging us to stay in the moment - make the space – to truly listen to our hearts. Our team felt secure and able to express their reactions and thoughts. The group comments through the online chat were enlightening and spoke to the depth of the topic and how quickly people became a part of the conversation. For many, these were unusual topics to discuss in a business meeting, but the outpouring of support and appreciation for the session has continued for days afterwards. Abhi and Lakhdeep are masterful presenters and possess that special ability to create a brave space quickly and then invite participants to explore with deep reflection and honesty. Openly discussing these compelling topics in difficult times became a real bonding experience for our participants. Thank you both very much for a very valuable session!"

Alexis Ramgulam
Project Manager, Prince’s Trust Canada

“When Prince’s Trust Canada made the decision to deepen our understanding of equity issues it was important for us to work with an organization whose own commitment to these issues went beyond checking a ‘diversity and inclusion’ box and could really help us embed our learnings right into the fabric of our organization. unlearn was absolutely the right choice for us. Your team has skilled facilitators who spoke with our organization even before the training session to ensure that it really met our whole team where we were at. The actual workshop presented the issues to us in ways that were both creative and adaptive to all of our learning styles and helped enable us to have some important conversations as a team. Beyond that, unlearn was able to share some incredible resources with us to continue to challenge our thinking and help us in our goals of working with one another and with the communities we serve in more collaborative and equitable ways. The staff at Prince’s Trust Canada greatly appreciate the meaningful and important work that your team is engaged in and will continue to take those lessons, reflections and critical conversations forward in all of our work – thank you for everything, unlearn!"





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