About unlearn.

unlearn. is a global movement, an approach to life, a way to live. It enables human connection and understanding that improves the quality of life for you and those around you.

What We Do:

unlearn. challenges everyone to develop an equity lens by thinking critically about their unconscious biases and examining how they can be reinforced by the media, their experiences and their relationships.

Our workshops, resources, apparel and strategy building services explore the mechanisms that we can use to interrupt stereotypes, racism, prejudice, oppression and discrimination. Our programs challenge the societal norms that marginalize others.

Our Story:

In the early 90’s two brothers and a friend began volunteering for organizations promoting anti-racism and anti-discrimination. In an effort to fundraise for the organizations and the causes they believed in, they began selling clothing promoting positive messages.

One of the messages being promoted was “unlearn”. unlearn. was originally associated with racism and discrimination. The three partners quickly realized that unlearn. meant so many different things to different people. The next step was groundbreaking for unlearn.

Rather than telling people what unlearn. meant, the partners decided to make the message open for interpretation. Designs were created to provoke thought and inspire positive change around important social issues. People wearing unlearn. products were being stopped by complete strangers wanting to know what the message was about.

Recognizing the value for human interaction and dialogue, unlearn. continued to create thought-provoking designs and workshops that were open for interpretation. The global dialogue began.

unlearn: “A process of removing barriers that blind us to our authentic selves, questioning our classical conditioning, deconstructing and re-ordering our identities, identifying and discarding negative values, repeatedly focusing awareness towards one’s state of being. ” ~ Steve D’Amico