Lana and Zhade - II

We were out doing life errands today with Zhade in her powerchair and the fetus poster hung on the back of her chair below her vent, feeding pump, suction machine, oximetry, and oxygen tank. As we were sitting eating breakfast, someone who was sitting behind us, came up to me and commented that Zhade "was hardly a convincing pro life argument". . .

It took my breath for a second! I reached around, took the poster off and showed it to them. I showed them the world map in the baby, and commented to them that we were all, no matter how, where, when, to whom, or with what challenges children of the world and of life itself.

What they had, I suspect, intended as a cruelty to us, left them with tears in their eyes and without words in their mouth, thanks in large part to the poster that had a message more profound than words.

Lana and Zhade

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