I don't understand

Grade 6 students from Jacob Hespler Public School create poetry inspired by unlearn designs.

I don't understand

I don’t understand why you stare,
I don’t get why you even care.
We both like a person, does the gender matter?
Yet you still look at me like I’m the Mad Hatter.
Love is love, am I not right?
Just like skin-there’s black and there’s white.
We’re all the same; but we’re all unique,
I guess it’s just that I’d hate to be bleak.
You don’t understand what it is like, do you?
It was a shell that took a lot of courage to break through.
Only to get hurt for being myself,
I’m human too, I’m not like an elf.
Cafeteria for you, but a battlefield for me.
Everyone hates, don’t you see?
With nowhere to sit,
Makes me feel like I got bit.
I might even start to break down,
But in reality, I’m the one wearing the crown.
There’s more than just me, who like the same,
And honestly, what’s there to blame?
The real world might wake you up,
You’ll be wondering like a lost pup.
Because in the real world, it’s okay,
To be lesbian or to be gay.  

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